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An amino acid is a generic term for a class of organic compounds containing an amino group and a carboxyl group. The basic constituent unit of a biologically functional macromolecular protein is a basic substance constituting a protein required for animal nutrition. It is an organic compound containing a basic amino group and an acidic carboxyl group. The amino group attached to the α-carbon is an α-amino acid. Natural amino acids are all alpha-amino acids.
The amino acid is a compound in which a hydrogen atom on a carbon atom of a carboxylic acid is substituted with an amino group, and the amino acid molecule contains two functional groups, an amino group and a carboxyl group. Similar to hydroxy acids, amino acids can be divided into α-, β-, γ-...w-amino acids according to different positions of the amino group attached to the carbon chain, but the amino acids obtained after protein hydrolysis are α-amino acids, and There are only twenty, they are the basic units that make up proteins.
Amino acids can exert the following effects through metabolism in the human body:
1 synthesizing tissue proteins;
2 converting into ammonia-containing substances such as acids, hormones, antibodies, creatine;
3 converting into carbohydrates and fats;
4 oxidizing into carbon dioxide and water and urea, generate energy.
Glutamate in amino acids is not only an important nutrient component of the human body, but also a commonly used drug for treating liver diseases, nervous system diseases and psychosis, and has curative effects on liver diseases, schizophrenia and neurasthenia.
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