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A series of metabolic biochemical processes have been carried out during plant growth, forming and accumulating a variety of chemicals that constitute the chemical constituents of plants.
The Botanical Extract is a plant-derived material, and according to the needs of the extracted final product, through physical and chemical extraction and separation process, the one or more active ingredients in the plant are obtained and concentrated without changing the effective structure. So our product formed. Botanical Extracts are an important part of biomedicine. Plant extracts are complex, and there are many types of chemical components, and the composition of different parts is different.
Botanical Extracts use different plant parts and different active ingredients, including: roots, stems, leaves, skins, flowers, corollas, fruits, seeds and shoots.
Botanical Extracts are extracted from agricultural and forestry products by professional equipment and are widely used in the production of botanicals, food additives, functional foods, household chemicals, plant-derived pesticides and feeds.
There are many kinds of Botanical Extracts, and its main functions in skin medicines, curative cosmetics and cosmetics include: anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-infection, disinfection, moisturizing, skin protection, etc. Whether it is a single Botanical Extract or a compound extract, its efficacy is often varied. In particular, the clinical efficacy of the compound extract is reflected in the comprehensive effect and overall effect of the compound compatibility, and its efficacy is sometimes more effective than separation and purification.
Shine High International brings you a large selection of quality botanical extract with reasonable price. All products are extracted from natural and healthy materials which cna bring much benefits to your health. Welcome to buy the bulk botanical extract with our suppliers.
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