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Construction Materials Cellulose Ether

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Construction Materials Cellulose Ether solutions are typically pseudoplastic fluids with shear thinning properties. The greater the shear rate, the smaller the viscosity, so the cohesiveness of the mortar will decrease under the action of external force, which is beneficial to the scraping construction of the mortar. The cellulose ether for construction enables the mortar to have both good workability and cohesiveness.
The mechanism of action of cellulose ether in mortar is as follows:
(1) After the cellulose ether in the mortar is dissolved in water, the surface active action ensures that the gelled material is effectively and uniformly distributed in the system. As a protective colloid, cellulose ether can wrap solid particles and form a lubricating film on the outer surface to make the mortar system more stable, and also improve the fluidity of the mortar during the mixing process and the slipperiness of the construction.
(2) Due to the molecular structure of the cellulose ether solution, the water in the mortar is not easily lost. It can be gradually released over a long period of time, giving the mortar good water retention and workability.
It is very important that cellulose ether is irreplaceable in construction. It is convenient to use good cellulose ether and can save cost.
Selection of Construction Materials Cellulose Ether:
The requirements for viscosity are different. Tile adhesives and underwater anti-discrete concrete require higher viscosity cellulose ether; powdered putty and external wall insulation mortar generally require medium viscosity cellulose ether; self-leveling ground In order to ensure fluidity, cement mortar requires low molecular weight cellulose ether.
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