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Plant protein is a kind of protein. The source is extracted from plants. The nutrition is similar to animal protein, but it is easier to digest. Plant protein is mainly derived from rice noodles and beans. But in the diet, plant protein and animal protein should be eaten together.
Beans, wheat (flour) and rice generally contain more plant protein (the proportion of protein contained in soybean seeds is as high as 40%). However, the protein nutritional value of rice noodles and beans is different.
Plant protein is beneficial to people of all ages, and it is an indispensable substance for growth and development and enhancement of physical fitness. For middle-aged people, protein enables mental workers to enhance their memory and empower physical workers to increase their endurance. For the elderly, supplementing high-quality protein can delay aging and prevent the occurrence of many geriatric diseases.
Protein foods are an important source of amino acids in humans. The supply of protein must be appropriately reduced, and it must be ensured that sufficient essential amino acids are obtained. Our vegetable protein powder can be used to make drinks for people to take. And it is an excellent supplement for people who don't like vegetarian food but need to supplement plant protein.
Shine High International brings you a large selection of quality plant protein with reasonable price. All products are extracted from natural and healthy materials which cna bring much benefits to your health. Welcome to buy the bulk plant protein with our suppliers.
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