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Softgels are a type of packaging for capsules and are commonly found in pharmaceuticals or health foods. It is a capsule prepared by treating a liquid drug or a liquid fruit drug in a softgel. The softgel material is made of gelatin, glycerin or other suitable pharmaceutical excipients, either alone or in combination.
It does not require the addition of additives such as binders and molding agents. Generally, softgels are made of gelatin, glycerin and water, and are edible natural products.
We dissolve oily drugs and low-melting drugs with fat-soluble solvents or make them into emulsions for filling or dropping pills, eliminating the need for adsorption aids, not only miniaturization of preparations, but also avoiding problems such as drug liberation and exudation.
The softgel can not only ensure the loss of volatile components in the medicine, but also avoid the escape of volatile oil after the preparation, and improve the quality and efficacy of the medicine.
The quality of soft capsule drug products is very important, so we not only improve the appearance quality of the products, but also pay more attention to the inherent quality of the products.
Our softgels are made with different ingredients and are made from different plant extracts, so their efficacy varies.
Shine High International brings you a large selection of quality softgel with reasonable price. All products are extracted from natural and healthy materials which cna bring much benefits to your health. Welcome to buy the bulk softgel with our suppliers.
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