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We are able to provide you with a variety of plant and fruit powders, including Conventional Food Tumeric Powder, Conventional Food Wheat Grass Powder, Conventional Food Papaya Powder and more.
These powders are processed from fresh fruits and plant materials, and have been processed by more than 10 processes such as pre-treatment, quick-freezing, vacuum drying, ultraviolet sterilization, packaging and storage, etc. with internationally advanced freeze-drying technology and equipment.
Fruit powder can be used for porridge seasoning, flushing juice, fruit mask, making cakes and breads, moon cake fillings, children's nutritional supplements, making ice cream, jelly pudding, etc. Plant powder can be used to adjust the different plant powders, and can have 12 effects such as weight loss, stovepipe, breast enhancement, whitening, ecchymosis and acne. However, this semi-finished product is not recommended for direct use by the human body and still needs to be processed. In addition, the active ingredients contained therein can be used in drug development, cosmetic development, and the like.
Different plant and fruit extracts have different effects, so you can choose the materials you need to pick them.
Shine High International brings you a large selection of quality vegetable&fruit powder with reasonable price. All products are extracted from natural and healthy materials which cna bring much benefits to your health. Welcome to buy the bulk vegetable&fruit powder with our suppliers.
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