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Pharmaceutical Excipient Cellulose Ether

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Pharmaceutical excipients are important components of pharmaceutical preparations for the production of pharmaceuticals and formulation of excipients and additives. As a natural polymer-derived material, cellulose ether is widely used in pharmaceutical excipients.
In the sustained-release preparation, the polymer material such as pharmaceutical excipient cellulose ether is almost inseparable in the process of drug delivery and penetration. They have been widely used in sustained-release pellets, various sustained-release preparations, coated sustained release preparations, sustained-release capsules, sustained-release medicine membranes, resin drug sustained-release preparations and liquid sustained-release preparations. A polymer such as cellulose ether is generally used as a carrier for a drug to control the release rate of the drug in the human body, that is, it is required to be slowly released in the body at a set rate within a certain time range for the purpose of effective treatment.
The pharmaceutical excipient cellulose ether is mainly used as a retarder, a skeleton material and a tackifier. The retarder can delay the dissolution-release process of the water-soluble drug, and is mainly used as a dissolution skeleton material, and can also be used as a sustained-release coating material. The skeleton material is mainly made of a skeleton formed of a polymer material and is made into a drug-containing material. This material can be used to prepare sustained release tablets, pills, capsules and the like.
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